09/07/13: Well, I was working on a new layout when my computer decided to crash. Thankfully, the problem has been fixed, but now it will take some time for me to get on schedule with updating this site and Drop of a Little Hat.

07/02/13: I'm finally getting around to updating my sites and working on others. I hope to have a major update before the summer is done. I've also updated my contact information, so everything is current.

08/03/09: Drop of a Little Hat is officially up and running! I'm quite excited, and feel rather accomplished. I never thought my little shrine would be back in full swing, but now it is. I hope people will enjoy the site, and hopefully it will contribute somehow to the Sailormoon Fandom. Please take a look!

07/08/09: DoalH finally has a coming soon page! I'm still working hard behind the scenes, and am shooting to launch on August 3 (Mamoru's Birthday). I have some anime episodes to screen cap, some screen caps to clean up (and thumbnail), and maybe get up some more articles before my little girl is ready for the big, bad internet. I can't wait!

06/22/09: I've been working hard behind the scenes for DoalH. I had to rename the site slightly because "Drop of a Hat" was taken, so I tweaked it to "Drop of a little Hat". The shrine has its own domain and domain name now, so I'm going to keep working hard to get my first website ever back up and running.

06/16/09: Been a while, hasn't it? As you can see, nothing is up yet still. I'm sorry, but life has just been too busy. School and work are exhausting. However, I'm on summer break now, so I finally have some free time. I'm working hard on DoaH, and I'm determined to get it up by the end of the summer (hopefully sooner).

01/02/09: So, we've arrived at two thousand and nine. Hope everyone had a good holiday. I was fortunate enough to have a layout for Drop of a Hat created for me through a Secret Santa sort of exchange, so now I'm twenty times closer to getting DoaH online and in working order. It'll still take a while, but I'm determined!

12/17/08: Well, still nothing up, but my Rika and Rena future shrines finally have names, and I made layout for both sites. Now if only I could code them as easily..

12/08/08: PorcelainYume is officially online! No other sites in the domain are up yet, but we're steadily getting there. I can tell you Drop of a Hat will be the first one up, since it's the whole reason I started website making in the first place.