So, why did I choose this layout to kick off the beginning of my domain? Well, the overall theme was the number one point that sold me. This layout revolves heavily around the idea of memories and the past.

You may wonder why I would select this theme for a new domain. Well, about ten years ago, I started a website called Moon Princess Heaven; it was a shrine dedicated to Chibiusa and Hotaru from Bishoujo Senshi Sailormoon. I really loved and grew with that site, until I decided to purchase a domain under the name I was very excited, started making pages, etc., but then life took a very busy turn. I always meant to start my domain up again, but high school took up too much of my time, and getting a job didn't help my time situation either. Years passed, and the beginning of this year, I started visiting old Sailormoon sites. Nostalgia washed over me, and my desire to have my Sailormoon shrine sparked all over again. Yet, I noticed how many series I now love are severly lacking in fansites. I was disappointed by this, so I decided to help out. It'll take a while, and I'll have to keep learning, but I hope one day that this domain will house multiple websites I can be proud of and inspire others to create websites as well.